Attendance Policy

One of the most important aims when operating a clinic is to ensure that the appointments run on schedule, thus minimising patient waiting times.  Delays are inconvenient not only to staff and facilities, but also to patients who may rely on public transport or assistance from friends; or who would simply just like to be seen on time.

Late Attendance and Failed Attendance are both direct causes of appointment disruption and financial loss, resulting in delays to the remaining appointment times of all other patients scheduled for the clinic session of the same day.


It is fully understood that at times, we all occasionally run a little late.  However, due to the consequences of arriving late for a booked appointment, a maximum allowance of 10-minutes will be allocated at the discretion of the practitioner and receptionist.  This allowance will be determined by assessment of the clinic schedule and the decision will be final.

Notification by a patient of a late arrival time, whilst being courteous, may also allow some flexibility whereby a subsequent patient could be treated early, such that the late attendee can be accommodated in the following appointment slot.  This may not always be possible, and a late attendee must accept that an alternative appointment time may not be available on the same day.

It is respectfully requested that all patients arrive a few minutes early for their appointments and notify reception staff upon arrival.

No charge will be applied for Late Attendance, on the grounds that an attempt had been made to attend the clinic.  But, repeated lateness may result in appointments only being offered at the end of each clinic session, such that any subsequent late attendance will not affect other patients.


Failure to attend an appointment will incur a penalty charge.  Exceptional circumstances resulting in a missed appointment will be taken into consideration and will depend upon subsequent notification and explanation being received within fourteen days of the missed appointment.

If a patient is unable to attend an appointment, as much notice as possible should be given; ideally 48-hours, excluding weekends.  This will enable the cancelled appointment to be offered to another patient.

Last-minute cancellations without well founded reason, will incur a penalty charge equal to the appointment fee, if the appointment is unable to be allocated to another patient.  Failure to attend will incur a penalty charge equal to the appointment fee.  Additional penalty charges will also apply whereby supplementary services, treatments and/or supporting healthcare professionals had been provided by prior agreement, for the appointment in question.


This policy is available on request and will be offered when booking an appointment.

By booking an appointment, a patient is deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions of this policy.